Steve Lesnard on How to Market Your New Product Effectively in the Digital World

New digital as well as social mediums are changing how new products are marketed. According to Steve Lesnard, brands need to place consumer needs at the center of their strategy to be able to use these mediums to their advantage. When you’re looking to push your new product to the market, you need to make sure tailor successful product introductions which highlight the value customers will get from the products. The following are key principles from Steve Lesnard to help you in marketing your new product.

  1. Keep it simple

Keep it simple

According to Walt Disney, getting the story line right is very important. You will want to keep your product introduction simple to make it more memorable. Best product introduction contain clear consumer benefits as well as highlights of what is new and better. Simplifying it enables teams to focus on few most relevant and innovative features to communicate.

A good example of an effective marketing strategy is the iPod campaign’s “10k songs in your pocket”. In the campaign, Apple focused on a single and simple benefit to push the product in the market. It appealed to masses to get the new solution that would enable them get music on the go using simplicity and emotion when the industry was on the technical supremacy race. Apple has continued to use the strategy to push the features of their products in the market. It keeps product descriptions simple while giving consumers a reason to upgrade. Another great example of simplicity is how Peleton transformed the Fitness industry by providing a “private indoor cycling studio” in your residence. It appealed to consumers because they could relate to the simple idea of having the best New York fitness class right in their living rooms.

  1. Bring it to life

Bring it to life

Once your story line is crystal clear, you now want to bring the experience you want your customers to have to life. All the details about looks, what it does, and how to use should presented in a manner that cuts through, and energizes the medium you’re using. Additionally, you will want to bring customer testimony to your story line.

When you are thinking about the most effective marketing strategy for your new product, Steve Lesnard suggests to look into the consumer benefit you want to be remembered for, immersive and creative ways to bring it to life and ambassadors to broadcast your massage.

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Article Title: Igor Cornelsen Make Informed Decision With Investment In The Stock Market

Article Text:

Many people want to invest in the stock market and need guidance on how to get started with it. If you want to invest in the stock market and need some professional advice, then Igor Cornelsen is the man you can trust with eyes closed. With over forty years of experience in the field of stock market investment, Igor Cornelsen has developed a strategic investment plan that has helped him invest successfully in the stock market. He has also gained tremendous experience while working with the leading banks and corporate finance organizations, handling their funds. Even though he has studied engineering from the State University of Parana, he focused his career in business because of his interest in economics.

Igor Cornelsen started working as an investment banker after his studies and went on to join and head banks like Unibanco and Multibanco. These two are two of the biggest banks in Brazil, and it is under his leadership that these banks achieved much success regarding brand value as well as revenue. Igor Cornelsen in a recent blog said that people who are interested in the stock market must continue to keep a watch out on the market trends and which stocks are top performers. It would help you provide the basis on which stocks to invest because investing without doing proper research is very risky.

Igor Cornelsen is retired from the salaried life, but his entrepreneurial journey has just begun as he heads the Bainbridge Investments Inc. At Bainbridge Investments Inc, he helps provide personalized financial and investment solutions to the clients as well as manages the investment portfolio for many of his clients. The suggestions and recommendations made by Igor Cornelsen have helped his clients multiply their returns on investments. Igor Cornelsen continues to play a very active role in the field of finance by staying attached to many different financial organizations as an advisor.

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Gulf Coast Western Partners with Northcote Energy Limited for Mutual Benefits

Mathew Fleeger has been able to push the interest of Gulf Coast Western to the highest level in anticipation that the company will always find it easy to move from one level of operations to the other. Operating in the oil and gas industry is very competitive as one has to deal with the competition that comes from other organizations in the same industry. There are many companies that want to control the market, which means that organizations have to fight to retain their control.

Gulf Coast Western has been avoiding direct competition from other oil and gas exploration companies by formulating partnerships intended to help the company to achieve its goals and objectives. Competing for market share and areas of operations is not bad for businesses but it would be much more beneficial to form partnerships that improve the value of the business and its relationship with other entities operating in the same industry.

The partnership between Gulf Coast Western and Northcote Energy Limited is one of convenience. The two exploration companies operate in the same industry and it is only beneficial to avoiding bringing down the two organizations due to hostile operating climate. To achieve this objective, Mathew Fleeger formulated the partnership between the two entities. This enabled the Gulf Coast Western to have more than fifty percent interest in the assets of Northcote Energy Limited.

The partnership does not only allow the two companies to use the same resources and operate in a particular region but it gives rights for the two companies to drill oil and gases in the same well. However, despite the agreement on the partnership being so friendly, Mathew Fleeger, who was representing Gulf Coast Western in negotiations inserted clauses that would benefit the primary company in any amount of oil or gas that would be drilled from shared wells.

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A Blend of Sports And Arts At The Academy Of Art University

To most people, arts and athletics are incompatible. However, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco has proved the majority wrong. This institution was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. It is currently being led by Dr. Elisa Stephens who is its President and Emeritus Richard A. Stephens who is the Chairman. It is a private pro-profit institution that admits talented artists and athletes and then teaches and trains them on how to achieve excellence in their fields of choice.

This unique education institution draws from the similarities between athletes and artists, to run a successful system. These are the kind of similarities that other persons would turn a blind eye to because a lot of people believe that creatives and jocks are worlds apart.

These similar traits shared by athletes and artists include but are not limited to; the ability to maintain a thick skin, excellent time management skills, ability to effectively talk about their passion at length, sound planning and organizational skills and real ambition. It is their sense of true ambition that fuels all the other characteristics in these individuals.

The Academy of Art University 16 sports teams is collectively known as the Urban Knights. The Urban Knights participate in 9 sports in NCAA Division II and Pacific West Conference. They have won several championships over the years since they began competing professionally in 2008.

The academy offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the following areas; acting, advertising, jewelry & metal arts, animation & visual effects, architecture, music production & sound design for visual media, art education, motion pictures & television, art history, photography, fashion, graphic design, fine art, multimedia communication, web design, music production & visual development, game development, writing for film, television and digital media.

The Academy of Art University is the kind of higher education institution that gives an individual a hands-on experience on what they want to do in their lives. It offers students an opportunity to practice and enhance their inborn talents and acquired skills and blend them for great success in the future.

Inspired With The Aspire

A new luxury tower – The Aspire is situated in the heart of New Brunswick. Boraie Development’s The Aspire has the aspiration to be one of the luxurious leasing centers for summer occupancy. If you’re one of the trendy renters who seek an option that merges comfort and modern design- you can look for it in The Aspire, situated just a few steps from the train station in New Brunswick.

Have You Got The Aspiration For “The Aspire”?

Its lovely neighborhood is surrounded by luxurious restaurants and entertainment places that will satisfy even the most pickier taste. The location of the Aspire is also near to all the other important points, such as Rutgers University’s Downtown-City Center, Saint Peter’s University Hospital, etc. The Aspire is consisting of 238 studio, single and double bedroom designer apartments in an impressive and full-service building.

Boraie Development is well-known for its offering real estate development services, but also for its property management, marketing, and sales. Their impressive buildings and luxurious properties are keeping the attention of the public, as well as their high-quality service providing.

Partnership With Shaquille O’Neal

Beginning in 2012, this company started a partnership with the former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal. Their mission was restoring the old theater very closely connected to the athlete’s childhood. It was the place where Shaquille had spent a lot of his time while growing up during the 1970s. After the restoration, the theater has become CityPlex12 Newark. This was the practical result of the renovation that was worth $7 million. But this was not the only joint investment of Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal.

The famous athlete was also included in many other projects in New Jersey. O’Neal has managed to focus public attention towards urban downtowns, and today he is considered to be a co-developer of the company.

Gino Pozzo – Watford FC

Gino Pozzo has made a reputation for himself for creating football clubs and taking them into the top leagues in each of their respected countries. Gino Pozzo, who is the owner of the Watford Football Club in England, is one of the top figureheads in the European sports scene of modern culture. Pozzo was born into a football enthusiast family, and spent his childhood in Udine, Italy. Through family connections he was maintained a footprint in the Udinese Calcio football club. Gino Pozzo moved to the United Sates to earn his Masters at Harvard University at the young age of 18. After marrying he relocated to Spain, but currently lives in London with his family to take over operations of of the Vicarage Road football club. The Pozzo family is a globally respected name, with his father’s purchase of the Udinese Club in their hometown in 1986.

The Pozzo family purchased the Watford Club in 2012, a struggling and failing company. After the purchase of this company Pozzo moved his family to London, asserting that their main focus was the growth of the Watford Club. After the ownership of the Watford Club, that made the Pozzo family the only family in the world to own three football clubs simultaneously in three different countries. In 2015, that season witnessed all three of the Pozzo clubs competing in their countries top competitions. For the Pozzo’s original club of Udinese, it was their twentieth consecutive year in the Champions League. In only four years Pozzo took the Watford Club from the Fourth Division to the Premiere League. After this, Gino Pozzo sold a majority of his shares so that he could focus more specifically on the Udinese and Watford Clubs. There has been many management and coach changes since Pozzo has aquired the Watford Club, but the Hornets continue to prove themselves as champions in the Premier League, the highest competition level in the U.K.

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Article Title: Heather Parry: Successful Productions for Media and Media Services

Heather Parry

Heather Parry works with high-net-worth individuals to provide content to the media regarding intricate and proprietary material. When an key attendant works with a key manufacture, they must ensure that keys are made according to house rules. When keys are not made according to house rules, the entire key can break. Keys can break if they are used to unlock doors that do not have a vault. When an individual tries to unlock a door without a vault, they should not use their house key. When an individual uses their house key to unlock a corporate vault, they may damage their house key. When a key attendant works with more than one key holder, he may use a wooden block.

When the key attendant uses a wooden block to hold the key in place, the keys will stay steady during the process. When the keys attendant selects a wooden block, he may alter the item before he buys it. When the key attendant selects the metal for the key, he may test them by tapping them. When the key attendant tests metals by tapping them, he can decide which metal is hollow. When the key attendant can not test the metals, he will not know which metal is hollow.

The key attendant only uses hollow metals for his projects. When the key attendant uses a dense metal, the key will not have precise edges. If the key does not have precise edges, it will not interact with the mechanism on the inside of the gauge. When the key attendant uses hollow metal, the wood block can easily transition between phase one and phase two. The keys attendant will monitor phase one and phase two of the wooden block. When the two phases are monitored, the key can be made.


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Vija Eswaran of Qi Group

The Malaysian entrepreneur, Vijay Eswaran, currently serves as the Executive Chairman of Qi Group of Companies. After high school, he traveled to London to obtain his higher education. After obtaining ad degree in engineering, he moved to the U.S. for his Master’s. After a few years in the states, he moved back to Asia in 1998 and founded QNET, a direct selling and e-commerce company. In fact, it was the world’s first company to ever combine these two entities. It was almost immediately a huge success and within a year was a leader in its industry in several Asian countries.

Today it puts on a yearly convention that almost always has around 20,000 entrepreneurs in attendance. He then broadened the companies scope and founded the QI Group of Companies. Today Qi Group has subsidiaries in 30 countries around the world. In 2005, he founded the RHYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundation to help with community development and children with special needs in poor areas of Asia and Africa. In 2011 he also founded Quest International University Perak which was designed to help teach and mentor new entrepreneurs.

Today it is considered the best university of its kind in the world. Eswaran has also written and published three bestselling books on leadership and mindfulness. The university campus has vastly expanded and is basically its own community complete with a variety of businesses and housing areas. Eswaran is a highly sought-after speaker worldwide for groups related to economics, business, and entrepreneurship. Eswaran and his wife, Umayal, are the guardians of his nephew and five nieces.

Eswaran is fighting against the fear of immigration which he says that is really a fear of diversity. This is something, he says, that detracts from the economy. He points to the fact that many of the most successful businesses in the world are also very diverse, multicultural ones.

Meet the brains behind Unroll Me

At the age of twenty-four, Jojo Hedaya has made a name for himself as one of the biggest names in the tech world. Jojo is an award-winning tech genius and the brain behind the website called Unroll Me. Unroll Me is a management service that helps its users organize their email and keep track of their subscriptions as well as the junk in their mail.

The making of Unroll Me

According to Jojo Hedaya, the idea of Unroll Me came when he and his current business partner faced some difficulty in communication. The two would have issues communicating via email as the junk and subscription emails kept important mails from being accessible. This too is an issue for many users. From it, the two partners came up with a tool that would solve the menace. That led to the birth of Unroll Me.

Unroll Me seeks to solve the issue by scanning through user’s inbox in barely a minute and organizes emails into subscriptions and other important emails. What happens is that the emails get sorted into separate emails that in some email tools may appear in two columns. This particular organization service is called the Roll Up service. The service also allows the user to unsubscribe to any subscription with the click of a button.

Unroll me also helps users organize their junk and prioritize their emails.

About Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya was born and bred in the city of New York. He attended college in Israel. This is where he met his friend, partner, co-founder and co-CEO. The two formed a friendship in college as they were the only two foreigners in their class. They also happen to share the same birth date; December 30th.

Jojo Hedaya went to a private high school that also happened to be Jewish. After Israel, he attended some colleges from which he dropped out. Like his partner, he never graduated from college. To Jojo, experience has more value than a degree. Despite his lack of the latter, he has made it big in the tech world.

Robert Deignan on the Journey of ATS Digital Services

Robert Deignan is the founder of ATS Digital Services. He is also the CEO of the company. ATS is a digital support corporation which addresses technological issues for customers around the world. He was a talented footballer and received a full scholarship to study at Purdue University. The school was pleased to take him because of his academic performance and talents. He holds a degree in organizational leadership. After graduation, he was employed by Miami Dolphins and later moved to NY Jets. He decided to start his own company in 1998. Despite being a successful entrepreneur, Robert Deignan has a soft spot for sports. He still competes in fishing tournaments.

The idea to start ATS came when the company he worked for had trouble removing malware. Alongside his colleague, Robert Deignan set up in-house technical support to remove malware from users’ machines. Over time they became successful, and customers trusted them. Moreover, they realized that they could start charging clients for removing malware. They discovered that the method they were using not only removed malware but also improved performance. Robert Deignan partnered with other colleagues to start ATS. When they left the company, they saw an opportunity to assist customers to remedy computer problems.

Robert Deignan wakes up at 5:15 AM. He takes 20-30 minutes to organize his thoughts and plan for the day. By 8:20 AM he is in the office. He answers emails and assesses the performance of the previous day. Deignan brings ideas to life when he is outdoors and relaxed. It is difficult to think properly when stressed. Sometimes he disconnects from his phone and computer to think without distraction. If ideas seem viable, he discusses them with his partners before taking the next step.

Robert Deignan values other people’s opinions and likes to be challenged. If he is not convinced about ideas he wants to implement, he researches them to ensure they are achievable. Most ideas come from the gut feeling. He is glad that more homes are using remote technologies to fix computers. Previously, people were skeptical about using remote technologies, which affected the business. Robert Deignan wants people to realize that they don’t need to take computers to technicians because they can fix them at home.