Robert Johnson’s Tragedy and How It Can Be Prevented By Securus Technologies

How many articles can you read today that show you some of the threats and dangers that cell phones pose to society? There’s probably not that many, as most of the articles you read are trying to sell cell phones and the companies paying for their bills are phone-production companies. However, one story that would stand out in the search for the threats of cell phones in facilities is the story from NBC 6 South Florida of Robert Johnson, the officer at the Lee Correctional Institution.


The Tragedy of Contraband


The tragic story about his life-threatening event had been told for over seven years already, but the horror of it still haunts Robert Johnson. It all started when he was working in the facility and confiscated some contraband. That package turned out to be worth about $50,000, and the confiscation undoubtedly caused a lot of distress and even grudge to those who owned it.


Weeks later, when he was at home getting ready for work, an intruder went inside his house and tried to assault him. When the intruder was trying to go head for Robert’s wife and kids, he distracted him and got him to attack him instead. This led to the intruder to shoot Robert in the chest several times. The next thing he knew, he was already in the hospital, coping with the damage, and talking to his doctor, who was trying his best to save his life. It was revealed that the shoot to kill order against Robert Johnson was made inside the prison with a cellphone.


Wireless Containment Solutions


Right now, Robert Johnson is okay, and the man who shot him, a former inmate, was now caught and put to justice. However, Robert Johnson is still dealing with the blow. He goes to the doctor regularly for follow up stitches and to make sure that his scars don’t escalate. He now works for Securus Technologies, and he’s implementing what is now called the Wireless Containment Solutions, which is a service from Securus that, according to Business Wire, disconnects calls that come from or go to the prison cells. I think this is such a useful tool to prevent the tragedy that Robert Johnson experienced. I believe this is a great achievement for Securus. I hope there’s more like in the pipeline.


Securus’ Wireless Containment Solutions


It’s evident and proven that Securus is right now a leading provider of various criminal justice tools that help investigate and weed out the wrongs of the set-up in prison systems. With its Wireless Containment Solutions, Securus is able to stop about 1.7 million illegal calls made across the eight U.S. Correctional. All of these calls could potentially harm the inmates and the officers, and it’s good to know that Securus has spent millions of dollars on innovating a solution.


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