Betsy DeVos – Article Recap

Betsy DeVos, the education of secretary for the United States, is a force to be reckoned with. Ms. DeVos is known as a driven, persistent and effective political fighter in her home state of Michigan. Having little experience with politics, Ms. DeVos had a rough entry into Washington. She lacked confidence in her Senate confirmation hearing, where she seemed to be completely uneducated on basic education terms, let alone department policies and growth assessment. She was made a mockery of in late night comedy regarding her weak answers and her suggestion that some school officials should carry guns because of grizzly bears. However, her gallant effort to publicly shake off the humiliation.


While she is fairly new to the political game, Ms. DeVos has been an advocate for Charter Schools and School Vouchers into private school for years. She has spent decades acting as a Republican donor, with her born into fortune of billions, to fulfill her vision to improve public education by creating competition and school choice. However, the use of school vouchers allows public funding to be taken from public schooling and funneled into private, and often religious education. That means public funds are given to private groups. Detroit, Michigan has the largest concentration of charter schools because of Ms. DeVos’ efforts. However, these schools are low-performing, and the supply exceeds the demand. Detroit public schools are still among the worst schools in America.


There is definitely a bright spotlight on Ms. DeVos currently. With her millions in philanthropy to support a failing cause, her lack of prior experience in the political game, and her weak answers at the start of career in Washington there is much speculation on her success under the Trump administration. However, critics and admirers believe that she will catch up to speed in no time.


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