The Tremendous Impact of Drew Madden on the Health Sector

Healthcare has been shaping up every day thus setting a brighter future in the sector through the use of digital technologies. In 1900, the human life expectancy was approximated to be around 47 years and the most significant percentage of the hospital in the United States being non-profit institutions which are founded by churches. At that time most people could lose their lives in a war, not due to the battle, but because of infection by different diseases.

Currently, in the U.S the healthcare view has changed massively to an industry worth $3 trillion, and they have invested much in this industry, where they approximately spend $9,237 per individual in healthcare. If this spending was to be compared with what most first-world countries do invest in healthcare, it is roughly more by three times. Despite the substantial investment that they have put into healthcare, it has not resulted to excellent yields.

It has been discovered that most founders who are serving in healthcare such as John Crowley, it was neither their professional nor something they had dreamt for their future but it was just by acts of nature that they found themselves working there. Most probably it could be due to personal ties attached between their companies. Therefore, the biggest reason for the fewer entrepreneurs in the healthcare compared to other sectors is due to inability to understand the problems as well as lack of adequate knowledge and information on where to begin. As a result of the enormous spending associated with health care such as $3.2 trillion in 2015, it leads to the sector being neglected and being the most dreaded investment class by entrepreneurs.

In the Healthcare sector, we need the likes of Drew Madden who are quite passionate about their field in ensuring that they builds competent teams, attractive and unique company culture. Drew is famous for being an expertise Healthcare IT entrepreneur who has a B.S.E in Industrial Engineering from the University of Lowa. In 2010, while he was at Nordic Consulting Partners where he served for about six years as the president. He correctly utilized his tenure in the growth purpose of the company. He later began his Healthcare IT profession at Cerner Corporation where he is the Implementation Consultant.

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