A Paradise Awaits At Fagali’I Island

When scheduling a trip to paradise Fagali’I Island is a great destination. The island is beautiful and fully equipped with an airport and golf course. It is a small island and located near Apia. In fact the airport is owned by Samoa. It is isolated but a paradise for tourists and vacationers. There are several sites and tourist attractions and is a favorite destination for travelers.

Fagali’I Airport is owned by Polynesian Airlines. The airport has been opened and closed several times due to noise complaints and safety issues. Polynesian Airlines has re surfaced it and is keeping it maintained. The runway that used to be grass but in 2002 was paved and re-opened. It is now 2,198″ and continues to provide safe landings and take offs. The airport itself offers flights to and from Pago Pago and American Samoa.

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The airport itself is able to provide services for money exchange. As well as taxi services, waiting areas and ferry service. Fagali’I is a beautiful island and some very unique sights according to cheapflights.com. Lots of water and island lush green vegetation. Perfect for a romantic get a way or just a nice vacation on a tropical island. The weather is mild and humid with plenty of sun and warmth there also plenty of rain making for the lushness and green surroundings.

Booking a flight into the Fagali’I airport allows for a central area. With several other destinations from there acting like an international hub for travelers to land there and go to other tropical destinations from there. Tropical islands are the trend for travelers today and this island is a must see. Since it is an international airport, it allows several airlines to land there. If the destination is a local area then the Polynesian Airlines are the best option for that. Most travel agencies will be able to get the best options for a traveler.

Check more about Fagali’I Airport: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fagali%27i

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