Waiakea producing bottled water at the right pH

Access to clean water is still one of the most significant challenges in the world. For some communities, access to clean drinking water makes a difference between life and death. Some people have to walk long distances to access clean water. It is a dream for some communities that they will have clean tap water in their lifetime.

To deal with the water problem, one company in the United States known as Waiakea Water is transforming society by providing clean water for the people. The company provides bottled water. Their water is not like any other bottled water. The assumption made by many people is that bottled water is the safest. However, this is not necessarily true since some companies will take tap water and put it in bottles.

Waiakea Water was established in 2012. It is based in Hawaii, and since it was started, it has achieved various great things. One of the reasons that make Waiakea Water unique is that the volcanic rock naturally filters it. The water comes at the right pH of 8.2. This means that it is alkaline giving the body just the right dose of pH needed by the body.

Waiakea is not only providing water in the United States; it is actively involved in helping specific regions in the world source quality water. They also donate water to such areas which have challenges getting clean water fit for human consumption. The company leads in showing how the environment can be preserved using environmentally friendly means of sourcing water.

Waiakea water passes through 14,000 feet of Mauna Loa Volcano. As an environmentally conscious company, using a natural process as a filter is the best thing to do. The Mauna Loa is the rainiest place on earth, experiencing rain in 360 out of 365 days a year. With such consistent rainfall throughout the year, there’s a constant flow of water meaning that everything is done in the open.

Most companies which offer bottle water do not reveal where they get the water, but Waiakea is very transparent. Everyone knows where their water comes assuring the public about the safety of their water.


Barbara Stokes Brings Relief to Alabama

Barbara Stokes, a biomedical degree graduate from Mercer University, is the renowned team leader and founder of the disaster relief construction company, Green Structure Homes, located in the community of Huntsville, Alabama. Having gained experience in government contracting during her time with Boeing and Pisces, stokes took advantage and decided to put her experience to use, and with her husband, founded Great Structure Homes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at WDRB.com.

After the disaster of Hurricane Harvey, which caused catastrophic damage to Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, and other neighboring states resulting in 125 billion dollars in relief, Stoke’s design and engineering team came to Alabama with extensive experience in the design, build, and delivery of on-site construction of mobile, commercial, and residential structures. While millions of Americans affected by Hurricane Harvey began to pick up the pieces of their scattered lives the government decided to request services from small business construction contractor companies like GHS of Alabama to start the $28.5 million rebuilding process. Barbara Stokes and her team could not have been more ready to take on the heavy task. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The GHS Alabama construction contractor company, a proud supporter of FEMA, is well informed on government contracting and since operating have had various contracts through Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, and U.S Missile Defense Agency.

GHS of Alabama provides the community of Huntsville, Alabama and surrounding states with 30 years of experience in innovative design, development, installation, and inspection of mobile, commercial, and residential structures that will begin renovating sites hit by the severe outlash caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Barbara Stokes is blessed to have such a talented and innovative design team, using the knowledge she has gained from the failings of FEMA relief attempts after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, they can help provide safe and durable homes for their disaster relief users.

Visit: https://gazetteday.com/2018/04/green-structure-homes-brings-relief-families-struggling-disaster/


James Dondero Loves Dallas

James Dondero is a successful alternative credit manager in Dallas, Texas; James started his path to success at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce where he studied accounting and finances, earning a bachelor of science for both. It didn’t take him long after graduating for James to receive an offer from JP Morgan Chase & Company. He created a financial training program that worked out so well for the company that it landed him his dream job at American Express. James would manage over one billion dollars of fixed income funds for American Express clients between the years of 1985 and 1989 before accepting his next great position. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero. He would soon receive an offer to be the Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary, and with his guidance, he soon made the company a two billion dollar success story. It wouldn’t be until 1993 that James Dondero would decide it was time to establish an alternative investment firm or his own, and so that year Highland Capital Management headquartered in Dallas, Texas. James would soon have million’s and help to run a successful company, all while earning himself respect within the community of his peers. Follow James on Linkedin. It was never enough to sit on his fortune, James always had a passion for giving back to the city of Dallas, Texas; And so, every fiscal year, the President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero, set aside three million dollars in the budget to support philanthropic efforts. Some examples of the places that have found support from Mr. Dondero and his team at Highland Capital Management are the Perot Museum of Natural Science, The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, Uplift Education, and the Snowball Express. Another example of the sort of initiatives that James likes to support, is the Family Place, a shelter for men in the city of Dallas that are victims of domestic violence and are in need of a safe location to go. The housing has an around-the-clock crisis hotline with empathetic and kind staff on hand and is close to medical care if needed.

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