Steve Lesnard on How to Market Your New Product Effectively in the Digital World

New digital as well as social mediums are changing how new products are marketed. According to Steve Lesnard, brands need to place consumer needs at the center of their strategy to be able to use these mediums to their advantage. When you’re looking to push your new product to the market, you need to make sure tailor successful product introductions which highlight the value customers will get from the products. The following are key principles from Steve Lesnard to help you in marketing your new product.

  1. Keep it simple

Keep it simple

According to Walt Disney, getting the story line right is very important. You will want to keep your product introduction simple to make it more memorable. Best product introduction contain clear consumer benefits as well as highlights of what is new and better. Simplifying it enables teams to focus on few most relevant and innovative features to communicate.

A good example of an effective marketing strategy is the iPod campaign’s “10k songs in your pocket”. In the campaign, Apple focused on a single and simple benefit to push the product in the market. It appealed to masses to get the new solution that would enable them get music on the go using simplicity and emotion when the industry was on the technical supremacy race. Apple has continued to use the strategy to push the features of their products in the market. It keeps product descriptions simple while giving consumers a reason to upgrade. Another great example of simplicity is how Peleton transformed the Fitness industry by providing a “private indoor cycling studio” in your residence. It appealed to consumers because they could relate to the simple idea of having the best New York fitness class right in their living rooms.

  1. Bring it to life

Bring it to life

Once your story line is crystal clear, you now want to bring the experience you want your customers to have to life. All the details about looks, what it does, and how to use should presented in a manner that cuts through, and energizes the medium you’re using. Additionally, you will want to bring customer testimony to your story line.

When you are thinking about the most effective marketing strategy for your new product, Steve Lesnard suggests to look into the consumer benefit you want to be remembered for, immersive and creative ways to bring it to life and ambassadors to broadcast your massage.

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Article Title: Igor Cornelsen Make Informed Decision With Investment In The Stock Market

Article Text:

Many people want to invest in the stock market and need guidance on how to get started with it. If you want to invest in the stock market and need some professional advice, then Igor Cornelsen is the man you can trust with eyes closed. With over forty years of experience in the field of stock market investment, Igor Cornelsen has developed a strategic investment plan that has helped him invest successfully in the stock market. He has also gained tremendous experience while working with the leading banks and corporate finance organizations, handling their funds. Even though he has studied engineering from the State University of Parana, he focused his career in business because of his interest in economics.

Igor Cornelsen started working as an investment banker after his studies and went on to join and head banks like Unibanco and Multibanco. These two are two of the biggest banks in Brazil, and it is under his leadership that these banks achieved much success regarding brand value as well as revenue. Igor Cornelsen in a recent blog said that people who are interested in the stock market must continue to keep a watch out on the market trends and which stocks are top performers. It would help you provide the basis on which stocks to invest because investing without doing proper research is very risky.

Igor Cornelsen is retired from the salaried life, but his entrepreneurial journey has just begun as he heads the Bainbridge Investments Inc. At Bainbridge Investments Inc, he helps provide personalized financial and investment solutions to the clients as well as manages the investment portfolio for many of his clients. The suggestions and recommendations made by Igor Cornelsen have helped his clients multiply their returns on investments. Igor Cornelsen continues to play a very active role in the field of finance by staying attached to many different financial organizations as an advisor.

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Gulf Coast Western Partners with Northcote Energy Limited for Mutual Benefits

Mathew Fleeger has been able to push the interest of Gulf Coast Western to the highest level in anticipation that the company will always find it easy to move from one level of operations to the other. Operating in the oil and gas industry is very competitive as one has to deal with the competition that comes from other organizations in the same industry. There are many companies that want to control the market, which means that organizations have to fight to retain their control.

Gulf Coast Western has been avoiding direct competition from other oil and gas exploration companies by formulating partnerships intended to help the company to achieve its goals and objectives. Competing for market share and areas of operations is not bad for businesses but it would be much more beneficial to form partnerships that improve the value of the business and its relationship with other entities operating in the same industry.

The partnership between Gulf Coast Western and Northcote Energy Limited is one of convenience. The two exploration companies operate in the same industry and it is only beneficial to avoiding bringing down the two organizations due to hostile operating climate. To achieve this objective, Mathew Fleeger formulated the partnership between the two entities. This enabled the Gulf Coast Western to have more than fifty percent interest in the assets of Northcote Energy Limited.

The partnership does not only allow the two companies to use the same resources and operate in a particular region but it gives rights for the two companies to drill oil and gases in the same well. However, despite the agreement on the partnership being so friendly, Mathew Fleeger, who was representing Gulf Coast Western in negotiations inserted clauses that would benefit the primary company in any amount of oil or gas that would be drilled from shared wells.

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