Gulf Coast Western Partners with Northcote Energy Limited for Mutual Benefits

Mathew Fleeger has been able to push the interest of Gulf Coast Western to the highest level in anticipation that the company will always find it easy to move from one level of operations to the other. Operating in the oil and gas industry is very competitive as one has to deal with the competition that comes from other organizations in the same industry. There are many companies that want to control the market, which means that organizations have to fight to retain their control.

Gulf Coast Western has been avoiding direct competition from other oil and gas exploration companies by formulating partnerships intended to help the company to achieve its goals and objectives. Competing for market share and areas of operations is not bad for businesses but it would be much more beneficial to form partnerships that improve the value of the business and its relationship with other entities operating in the same industry.

The partnership between Gulf Coast Western and Northcote Energy Limited is one of convenience. The two exploration companies operate in the same industry and it is only beneficial to avoiding bringing down the two organizations due to hostile operating climate. To achieve this objective, Mathew Fleeger formulated the partnership between the two entities. This enabled the Gulf Coast Western to have more than fifty percent interest in the assets of Northcote Energy Limited.

The partnership does not only allow the two companies to use the same resources and operate in a particular region but it gives rights for the two companies to drill oil and gases in the same well. However, despite the agreement on the partnership being so friendly, Mathew Fleeger, who was representing Gulf Coast Western in negotiations inserted clauses that would benefit the primary company in any amount of oil or gas that would be drilled from shared wells.

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