Real Estate Investor And Native Israeli Adam Milstein

Born in 1952 in the Israeli city of Haifa, Adam Milstein and his family moved to the U.S. in 1981 when he was a young man in his late 20s. After coming to the U.S., he attended the University of Southern California, where he earned an MBA degree. He began a career in real estate as a sales agent after he completed college, and later became a Managing Partner of a private real estate investment firm called Hager Pacific Properties, which is a business that acquires properties for the purpose of rehabilitating and selling them. The company is the owner of approximately 100 buildings throughout the country.

Aside from being a top executive at Hager Properties, Adam Milstein is also involved in organizations like the Israeli-American Council, which he co-founded. The reason for him starting the group was to assist the nearly 1 million Israeli-Americans that presently live in the U.S. This organization is the largest one of its kind in the country, and because of his contributions to it, Adam Milstein was later named its National Chairman. He and his wife also started another philanthropic venture called the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation in 2011. This foundation is also geared toward helping Jewish people by sponsoring educational opportunities and connecting them with their Israeli roots.

Being that he has been successful in his business endeavors, Adam Milstein tries to motivate other entrepreneurs to be passionate and persistent when it comes to solving the kinds of problems that may arise when someone runs a business. He feels that to excel in the business industry, people should be able to expect unavoidable criticism, but not get discouraged by it. Because of his expert advice, inspiration and good business practices, in 2016, he was named in the top ten of the 100 people who positively influence the lives of individuals who are of Jewish descent. He is also involved in several other non-profit organizations that are aimed at supporting people of his ethnic background, such as The Israel Project and Stand With Us. He currently lives in Encino, California with his wife and 3 daughters an more

How Adam Milstein Shines in His Philanthropic Works

Adam Milstein is the chairman of the board of Israel American Council and the co-founder of the Milstein’s Family Foundation. Adam is a graduate of the Technion University where he pursued a degree in business economics. Adam hails from Israel and received an MBA from University of Southern California back in 1981.While in his studies, Adam Milstein assisted his father in the family’s real estate construction and development where he got the experiences and skills needed in running the business. After marrying his wife Gila, the couple moved to the United States. Adam started venturing in real estate business while in California, working as the sales agent for commercial properties, He is the current managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a private real estate firm

Adam Milstein has been a prominent philanthropist all his life. He co-founded Milstein family foundation which provides charitable services to the state of Israel and the Jews both in the Israel and the United States. The Foundation supports programs and organizations which ensure Jewish continuity and education. Adam always gives both financial aid and guidance to organizations that target the growth of the society and all its phases from childhood to adulthood. In his philanthropic, Adam Milsteinco-founded Sifriyat Pijama, an organization which supplies free books to Jews in the United States. The association aims at teaching more than 15,000 families on the right values, and that is the reason the books are in Hebrew.

Adam Milstein has been able to co-found, lead and chair many foundations and associations to see the society grow and succeed. He co-founded Sifriyat Pijama and the Israel-American Council where he is the Chairman ensuring national development. Some of other organizations which Adam Milstein chairs include StandWithUs, Jewish Founders Network, Hasbara Fellowship and AISH Los Angeles. Gila, his wife, has also been helpful in the founding and the running of the family foundation to ensure that the state of Israel and the Jews are ever secure and stable.