Written Words by Sean Penn, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn is an incredible actor who has just released his new novel. I think that it is great when an actor continues his career and adds more value to his name. His new hit novel called, “Bob Honey Who just Do Stuff”, was released in March. This book is about a political activist and his adventures. He is desperate for change and his anger makes him resort to violence.


This novel is definitely about his characteristics in a protagonist in the novel. In real life, he has actually travelled to Iraq, Iran, and Cuba. He had chatted with political leaders and has tried to promote world peace and international democracy.


International democracy is an agreement of the people to vote on a civil justified system to create world peace. Interestingly enough, he has interviewed Mexican drug lord El Chapo.


This novel was Penn’s way of venting his disagreements about Trump being president since he is a billionaire. Nobody expected Penn to write a novel discussing many issues involving politics or women. He is for the women movement to preventing rape, slut-shaming, and the suffrage to child’s play. In his novel he likes to talk about the rights of women in the workplace and keeping them safe from sexual harassment.


It is hard to get people to report the kind of stuff that objectifies women. It is actually a really sad thing because they need to be respected and taught the right professional way of the working women. He wants to say that women are empowered and should be treated right because they do bare children and have just enough brain power as do men.


Penn loves the writing life and wants to write more. He has no idea why he had not written anything sooner. Penn tells people about his views on politics, whether that is wrong or right for people. However, he has set his mind on his opinions to the public. If you are into the clunky and esoteric literacy style, then Penn’s novel is just for you. It is out on the shelves now for many of you to read.