Vija Eswaran of Qi Group

The Malaysian entrepreneur, Vijay Eswaran, currently serves as the Executive Chairman of Qi Group of Companies. After high school, he traveled to London to obtain his higher education. After obtaining ad degree in engineering, he moved to the U.S. for his Master’s. After a few years in the states, he moved back to Asia in 1998 and founded QNET, a direct selling and e-commerce company. In fact, it was the world’s first company to ever combine these two entities. It was almost immediately a huge success and within a year was a leader in its industry in several Asian countries.

Today it puts on a yearly convention that almost always has around 20,000 entrepreneurs in attendance. He then broadened the companies scope and founded the QI Group of Companies. Today Qi Group has subsidiaries in 30 countries around the world. In 2005, he founded the RHYTHM and Vijayaratnam Foundation to help with community development and children with special needs in poor areas of Asia and Africa. In 2011 he also founded Quest International University Perak which was designed to help teach and mentor new entrepreneurs.

Today it is considered the best university of its kind in the world. Eswaran has also written and published three bestselling books on leadership and mindfulness. The university campus has vastly expanded and is basically its own community complete with a variety of businesses and housing areas. Eswaran is a highly sought-after speaker worldwide for groups related to economics, business, and entrepreneurship. Eswaran and his wife, Umayal, are the guardians of his nephew and five nieces.

Eswaran is fighting against the fear of immigration which he says that is really a fear of diversity. This is something, he says, that detracts from the economy. He points to the fact that many of the most successful businesses in the world are also very diverse, multicultural ones.

Joining Lightspeed Announce 5 New Partners

Today, I’m capable to announce that I’m signing up for Lightspeed Possibility Partners. In the last four years sincé co-fóunding #ANGELS, I’vé had the privilege of buying a lot more than 50 early stage businesses across an array of industries.

Leveraging my opérating encounters assisting build high growth firms like Tweets ánd Netflix, I’vé committed to consumer businesses like Cameo, Choose and Pray ánd enterprise firms like Mutiny and Buoyant. I’ve eliminated deep in transport simply by backing businesses like Parrot and committed to healthcare businesses Iike Forwards, Nurx, Color and Visla. Being truly a mother has helped me start to see the possibilities in Love very, Winnié and Carrot. I’ve explored my interest in style, retail ánd music simply by dealing with Daphne Flint, Re also: shop and RivaI. As being a previous equipment engineer, I have enjoyed buying hardware businesses like Eero ánd Nebia. I’vé also committed to literal rockets like Vector Space and Ubiquitilink. Jana Lightspeed.

I’ve Ioved working carefully with a varied set of inspiréd founders, a lot of whom remain in stealth ánd brain down the building. So as to why join Lightspeed ánd why right now? Since anyone who comes after me upon Twittér (@janamal) understands, I have described this era óf my entire life as “requirement, not pension. ” I have utilized this downtime to thoughtfully check out the next phase inside my caréer. I needed to look for a team that wás an excellent complement to my advantages, weaknesses, passions, and ideas; one which might help mé end up being the most efficient, impactful buyer I could become.

Jana Lightspeed is usually a solid and storied enterprise company, with 20 years of background and a provén background including 8 IPOs previously 2 yrs only – Snap, MuleSoft, and StitchFix to mention a few.

Nick Vertucci: Unlocking Your Potential with Seven Figure Decisions

Nick Vertucci is a renowned real estate investor and founder of a leading real estate training company. He authored a book entitled “Seven Figure Decisions”. The book has done a lot of rounds and while talking about it in an interview, he pointed out some interesting parts of the book that can help anyone to get on his feet and embark on a journey to success.

When you were a kid, you may have gone through some situations that made you feel you don’t have a shot at success. You might have been from a humble background. According to Nick Vertucci, the resolution to go after what you want is what matters the most. On their journey to success, successful people fail several times. People go through many failures but what will be seen is the success you achieved.

According to Nick Vertucci, you should let negativity into your mind. Your in-laws might discourage from doing whatever you want to do. In that case, have the audacity to get yourself out of that environment and continue to pursue your dreams.

Associating yourself with successful people will make you raise your game to their standard. Mr. Vertucci encourages people to surround themselves with smart people. That will inspire them to shoot for what they have achieved. He describes that space has a winning environment and a wealth mentality.

He talks about facing your fears. He once talked a 10 year child into winning a soccer game. The kid had been intimidated by his new stronger and bigger opponents and he was no longer performing in the game. When he stepped in and drove away fear from the kid, he performed splendidly. Nick Vertucci believes that successful people have a strong mind game and winning is all what they think about.

The ‘Seven Figure Decisions’ book is beyond a self-help group. It goes beyond telling readers to adapt this attitude, doing that. It is about mind games and good plans.