Nick Vertucci: Unlocking Your Potential with Seven Figure Decisions

Nick Vertucci is a renowned real estate investor and founder of a leading real estate training company. He authored a book entitled “Seven Figure Decisions”. The book has done a lot of rounds and while talking about it in an interview, he pointed out some interesting parts of the book that can help anyone to get on his feet and embark on a journey to success.

When you were a kid, you may have gone through some situations that made you feel you don’t have a shot at success. You might have been from a humble background. According to Nick Vertucci, the resolution to go after what you want is what matters the most. On their journey to success, successful people fail several times. People go through many failures but what will be seen is the success you achieved.

According to Nick Vertucci, you should let negativity into your mind. Your in-laws might discourage from doing whatever you want to do. In that case, have the audacity to get yourself out of that environment and continue to pursue your dreams.

Associating yourself with successful people will make you raise your game to their standard. Mr. Vertucci encourages people to surround themselves with smart people. That will inspire them to shoot for what they have achieved. He describes that space has a winning environment and a wealth mentality.

He talks about facing your fears. He once talked a 10 year child into winning a soccer game. The kid had been intimidated by his new stronger and bigger opponents and he was no longer performing in the game. When he stepped in and drove away fear from the kid, he performed splendidly. Nick Vertucci believes that successful people have a strong mind game and winning is all what they think about.

The ‘Seven Figure Decisions’ book is beyond a self-help group. It goes beyond telling readers to adapt this attitude, doing that. It is about mind games and good plans.

A Neurocore Experience

Neurocore, founded in 2004 is a facility operating eight brain performance centers that focus on utilizing modern neuroscience technology to offer drug-free and customized solutions suitable for both children and adults. These solutions are offered to patients living with various conditions, which are; Autism, ADHD, Depression, migraines, stress, sleep and anxiety to mention a few. Neurocore provides a memory boot camp for those people striving to improve their mental focus and acuity. Methods used to prosecute these procedures are protocoled to help people optimize their brains with the aim of helping them to leave happy and healthier lives. The idea and founding of Neurocore were propagated by Timothy Royer. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

With the developments registered in Neurofeedback Technology, neuroscience is starting to gain pace among the medical fraternities. Neuroscience includes all sciences like experimental psychology and neurochemistry. We could define neurochemistry as the science that deals with the structure and the function of the brain and nervous system. EEG Biofeedback, Neurotherapy, neurofeedback, and brainwave training is an alternative therapy type especially biofeedback that uses real displays of electroencephalography to illustrate the brain’s activity. Researchers, scientists, doctors and basically everyone interested in medicine are realizing the benefits that come with applied neuroscience. Neurocore and other performance centers’ are discovering new paths in Neurotherapy. These field is currently providing jobs for those interested in biology cutting-edge tech and, therapy. Neurocore in becoming available with the use of therapy becoming more vital.

Among the technologies Neurocore uses is EEG Tech also known as an electroencephalogram. This method is a test that spots electrical activity in the brain through the use of small, non-invasive electrodes. These metal discs or electrodes are placed on the scalp to pick up electrical impulses from the brain. The brain is known to communicate through electrical impulses day and night. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase. Initially, an EEG test was used to detect epilepsy but nowadays, it is used to detect, diagnose and treat other mental diseases like stroke, sleep disorders, brain damage, and other illnesses. Ann EEG recording displays impulses and wavy lines thus allowing a brain diagnosis. This method and several others are part of what makes a Neurocore experience.


Alex Pall Discusses His Music

Alex Pall is a DJ and musician who works with fellow DJ and musician Andrew Taggart with the EDM group the Chainsmokers. The duo has put forth well-known songs like #Selfie, Roses, Don’t Let me Down, and Closer. The success of the group is as simple as Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart work really well together. They met each other through a mutual manager paired them up since they were both exploring how to further their DJ careers. The duo immediately started to write songs together right after they were introduced and discussed what kind of music they liked and hit it off.

Alex Pall spoke to Interview magazine about his experiences making music. He stated that nearly his whole life he has wanted to work in music. He had been working shows for some time as a DJ before he met Andrew. During that time he started to desire to expand on what he did to make EDM genre songs that were more personal compared to how other DJs were making their music. Alex and Andrew started writing personal and fun tracks right away when they met each other. They started off with mainly fun club songs which helped to give them attention. From there they started to present more personal songs that they made that were a combination of their sounds, lyrics, different vocalists, and some of their vocals. This step into adding their own lyrics and vocals to some of their main releases is a curious step on the part of EDM artists. EDM artists generally stick to being a bit removed from the music. They prefer to focus on making the sounds to their songs and perhaps some of the lyrics. Generally, DJs always use different vocalists and another lyricist or a team of lyricists. The Chainsmokers differentiate themselves from it all with their more personalized approach to their work.

Alex Pall hopes that the future of his work will continue to allow him to be creative and add a personal aspect to his work. He generally is more of a songwriter than he is a singer within the Chainsmokers songs. But he still values personalizing their music with his songwriting and lyrics.

What Makes Rocketship Education Different from Others?

Rocketship Education is a charter school that is based in California. They started out with a single location and grew into several locations in California. From there, they expanded to other states so they could help students learn in an environment that might be better than trying to learn in public schools. Rocketship Education makes a point to put education first and focus on what they can do to help students get all the resources they need to ensure their lives are the best they can be. The company likes helping students and makes their focus all about them since that’s a big part of their business. It’s important to the company to always help students understand what they can do and how they can make their own lives better using the resources they provide to them.

The idea of a charter school helps students learn in a more individualized environment. They know what they can do to help students and they take the steps they need to get there. Charter schools are often better for students because they are smaller, allow teachers to focus on the students and provide them with resources they might not have access to otherwise. This creates a positive learning environment for kids who might not be able to get the same kind of help from a public school education. It also makes it easier for them to learn the right way instead of struggling to learn about things while they aren’t taught the right options.

Rocketship Education also knows how important it is to have student-centric learning. They can tailor each of their lesson plans to each student. They might also be able to make sure they’re doing things the right way so people have a chance to learn about what they can do to make the learning process easier. For many people, the point of creating a better learning environment is appealing. For Rocketship Education, the point of doing it is so they can actually help students succeed in life. They’re doing the right thing because their scores are comparable and above other public schools in the areas they’re in.

Jason Hope is an outstanding entrepreneur

Jason hope is an entrepreneur who has established himself since he ventured into business. He is also a futurist and an investor who is interested in different fields like technology and the healthcare sector. The entrepreneur who is based in Scottsdale, Arizona is known for his liberal ways. Being involved in technology, he has successfully developed a broad range of products and services with the goal of making life on earth better. He is a supportive individual who is always ready to support others in their endeavors. He has managed to help many in communities. The entrepreneur grew up in Tempe. He later went to study at the Arizona State University where he pursued a degree in finance. He proceeded to Carey School of Business and obtained his MBA. He has been active in politics in the state of Arizona and also making impacts in the country. Read more about Jason Hope on Crunchbase.

Jason Hope has heavily invested in the technology industry, and Jason ventures comprise of intensive research as well as the development of products that are unique. He is an expert in different fields like mobile applications, development of devices, desktop software and gaming software. He looks for a way to design devices that can solve various challenges experienced by human beings. He has been dedicated to developing products and services that can bring positive changes to the society and change the way people live. Being a futurist, he is always excited to help those want to change the future for the better. Those who can create unique services and products can seek the help of Jason Hope.

Jason Hope Knows entrepreneurship is not easy and it requires a lot of dedication. Without the right knowledge and necessary support, it would be difficult to achieve your dreams. He has gone through the challenges of an entrepreneur and knows how it can be difficult to achieve your dreams finally. He believes that a lot of young people around the world have great ideas, but they do not have the resources to make plans a reality. That is why he has been donating funds to help such individuals who are ready to showcase their skills.



How the American Institute of Architects Can Improve One’s Career in Architecture

Architects are one of the most skilled and knowledgeable professionals in the economy. They are responsible for designing the interior and exterior of buildings and other forms of real estate. Like all other professionals, architects will benefit by being part of a professional organization. The most prominent professional organization in the architecture field is the American Institute of Architects. This organization helps architects advance their career as wells gain access to more opportunities. With membership to the American Institute of Architects, professionals in this field will be able to get more opportunities to network as well as get assistance with their job hunting efforts. As a member of the American Institute of Architects, professionals will also be able to enhance their reputation as well as get access to more educational resources. Find out more about Robert on Tulane School of Architecture.

Like all other professional organizations, the American Institute of Architects has leadership that oversees it. The individual who is currently in charge of the AIA is Robert Ivy. He is the acting chief executive officer of the organization and has held this position since the year 2011. Since taking over the organization, Robert Ivy has helped it expand to dozens of countries all over the world. With this expansion, the AIA has been able to provide architects in multiple countries with valuable guidance. As a result, architects all over the world are now able to get more out of their careers in terms of opportunities and educational resources.

Robert Ivy has had a long and successful career in the architecture field. His first job after completing a master’s degree was as a writer. Ivy worked at major architecture publications where he would write a number of articles about key topics in the field. This allowed him to provide valuable knowledge to other architects in the field. He would then look to pursue other opportunities after working as a writer. His next position was as an editor where he would evaluate various articles and then decide on which ones to publish. Working as an editor gave Robert an opportunity to continue providing architects with valuable information about the latest developments in the field. Robert Ivy recently won the Lifetime Achievement Award which recognizes major contributions in the artistic occupations.

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With Luminesce, Jeunesse Global continues to impress

When Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis finally decided to take the plunge into retirement back in 2009, the industrious couple was nearly certain that it was the right decision. The pair, which had been in the direct-selling business for nearly five decades, wanted to spend more time with their rapidly growing brood of grandchildren. They also wanted to relax in each other’s company, enjoying the high lifestyle and group of close friends that was the product of decades of business success.

But the couple underestimated one thing: boredom. Ray and Lewis quickly discovered that they had made a mistake. The couple had just sold their most recent business for a large sum of money. But they hadn’t bargained for the sudden loss of meaning that would come from no longer having their days filled with the small victories and defeats that define the lives of busy entrepreneurs. Ray and Lewis didn’t bargain for the long days with nothing in particular to do and the inevitable sense of purposelessness that came with them. They started feeling old.

It only took a couple of weeks for the inveterate entrepreneurs to devise a solution. Wendy Lewis began selling a few things out of the couple’s garage as a way to pass the time. Soon, Ray got into the mix as well, drafting a business plan and a sales strategy while bringing on board a few of his favored contacts within the direct-selling industry. Before long, the company that would come to be known as Jeunesse Global was born.

Jeunesse Global stands today as one of the most important global health and beauty brands. And it has been through the ability of Ray and Lewis to create great products that the company has enjoyed so much success. One example of the kinds of products that have rocketed the company to international stardom is its Luminesce moisturizer and anti-aging lotion.

Made with APT-200, an anti-aging formula developed by Jeunesse Global scientists, Luminesce is able to wipe away years off of a user’s apparent age. This is just one of many products through which Jeunesse is helping to make Generation Young a reality.

Robert Ivy and the Noel Polk Award

Robert Ivy is part of two recipients of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is given to the native inhabitants of Mississippi who have shown excellent work in the field of art and theater. The award is delivered by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL).

Robert Ivy along with Andrew Cary Young received his award on June 2. The two were honored in a special ceremony provided by MIAL. Robert Ivy is the first architect to receive this type of award. This is an honour for him. The Noel Polk award is not the first award for Mr. Ivy. He was further honored with the Master Architect by the Alpha Rho Chi fraternity. In 2017, he was awarded with the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture. Read more about Robert Ivy at Wikipedia.

Robert Ivy has written a book about the Fay Jones School of Architecture. He graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South. He keeps a bachelor of arts in English from this school. He also graduated from Tulane University. He keeps a masters degree in architecture from this school.

Mr. Ivy is not the right first to receive the Noel Polk award. He is joining the ranks with Morgan Freeman (2207), and Leontyne Price (2000) just to cite a few. The award is paid to those who have their roots in Mississippi and are living to receive the award. The Noel Polk award is one which is given to acknowledge the accomplishments of the recipient.

Robert Ivy has made considerable contribution to the world of architecture. His current role is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA). This article discussed the many accomplishments of Ivy. There have been numerous awards given to Mr. Ivy with respect to his profession of an Architect. His latest award was that of the Noel Polk award. This is just an award that is given to acknowledge the accomplishments someone has made to the field of art. Architecture is considered an art by some. The committee gave him his award on June 2. He was the original architect to receive the award.



Waiakea producing bottled water at the right pH

Access to clean water is still one of the most significant challenges in the world. For some communities, access to clean drinking water makes a difference between life and death. Some people have to walk long distances to access clean water. It is a dream for some communities that they will have clean tap water in their lifetime.

To deal with the water problem, one company in the United States known as Waiakea Water is transforming society by providing clean water for the people. The company provides bottled water. Their water is not like any other bottled water. The assumption made by many people is that bottled water is the safest. However, this is not necessarily true since some companies will take tap water and put it in bottles.

Waiakea Water was established in 2012. It is based in Hawaii, and since it was started, it has achieved various great things. One of the reasons that make Waiakea Water unique is that the volcanic rock naturally filters it. The water comes at the right pH of 8.2. This means that it is alkaline giving the body just the right dose of pH needed by the body.

Waiakea is not only providing water in the United States; it is actively involved in helping specific regions in the world source quality water. They also donate water to such areas which have challenges getting clean water fit for human consumption. The company leads in showing how the environment can be preserved using environmentally friendly means of sourcing water.

Waiakea water passes through 14,000 feet of Mauna Loa Volcano. As an environmentally conscious company, using a natural process as a filter is the best thing to do. The Mauna Loa is the rainiest place on earth, experiencing rain in 360 out of 365 days a year. With such consistent rainfall throughout the year, there’s a constant flow of water meaning that everything is done in the open.

Most companies which offer bottle water do not reveal where they get the water, but Waiakea is very transparent. Everyone knows where their water comes assuring the public about the safety of their water.

Barbara Stokes Brings Relief to Alabama

Barbara Stokes, a biomedical degree graduate from Mercer University, is the renowned team leader and founder of the disaster relief construction company, Green Structure Homes, located in the community of Huntsville, Alabama. Having gained experience in government contracting during her time with Boeing and Pisces, stokes took advantage and decided to put her experience to use, and with her husband, founded Great Structure Homes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

After the disaster of Hurricane Harvey, which caused catastrophic damage to Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, and other neighboring states resulting in 125 billion dollars in relief, Stoke’s design and engineering team came to Alabama with extensive experience in the design, build, and delivery of on-site construction of mobile, commercial, and residential structures. While millions of Americans affected by Hurricane Harvey began to pick up the pieces of their scattered lives the government decided to request services from small business construction contractor companies like GHS of Alabama to start the $28.5 million rebuilding process. Barbara Stokes and her team could not have been more ready to take on the heavy task. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

The GHS Alabama construction contractor company, a proud supporter of FEMA, is well informed on government contracting and since operating have had various contracts through Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, and U.S Missile Defense Agency.

GHS of Alabama provides the community of Huntsville, Alabama and surrounding states with 30 years of experience in innovative design, development, installation, and inspection of mobile, commercial, and residential structures that will begin renovating sites hit by the severe outlash caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Barbara Stokes is blessed to have such a talented and innovative design team, using the knowledge she has gained from the failings of FEMA relief attempts after the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, they can help provide safe and durable homes for their disaster relief users.