Madison street capital is an investment banking firm. As a banking institution Madison street capital has integrity, excellence and leadership as their core values. Its main specialty is delivering financial advice, opinion and valuation services. They also offer merging and acquisition services to their clientele. They work for both private and public limited companies. They put their client’s goals and objectives first. The investment firms eye emerging markets and invest most of their resources in them. The firm has earned the trust of its customers worldwide through dedication to its work and sheer professionalism.


The headquarters of Madison street capital are in Chicago, Illinois. Its a privately held company. It’s been in operation for thirteen years. They offer mergers, investment banking, and tax planning services as well as venture capital. The company also deals with hedge funding. For example in 2015 a total of 46 hedge funds were announced or closed. This was a significant improvement from their previous year by almost 30%.the company has the capacity to provide lending services to small micro-enterprises. The lending and loans services are flexible and the interest rates are aligned to suit the customer’s desires.


As a policy Madison Street capital believes in creating strong business ties with societies in the United States. The firm takes part corporate social responsibility and philanthropic support to the needy in the society. The team has an exceptional experience and extensive networks. The firm is one of the world premiere middle and upper market investment banking companies. It has offices in Asia, North America, and Africa. What makes a difference is an experience the company has in the business so its experts are able to tackle each and every situation that may arise thus meeting all of its customers’ needs.


It serves as a designated advisor to (PPI) professional pipe inc.PPI specializes in the design and as well as the installation of pipes for manufactures as well as the country’s largest poultry producers. The partnership was made public by the CEOs of both companies. The details of the contract were not made public although it was speculated that it was a mega-deal.Professional pipe Inc started its operations in 1972 in Northern Carolina as a contractor specializing in piping services for the textile sector.


In the ensuing partnership with KJM capital, Madison street capital was the financial advisor who represented professional pipe inc.KJM capital is a portfolio which acquires middle to lower market firms that provide business to customers. In the situation of PPI, KJM provided operational know how the owners.KJM also offers accounting and finance software to companies. For any business and entrepreneurs’ looking to sell or acquire businesses, seeking help from Madison Street capital will provide them with the right strategy for maximum profits.


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Written Words by Sean Penn, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Sean Penn is an incredible actor who has just released his new novel. I think that it is great when an actor continues his career and adds more value to his name. His new hit novel called, “Bob Honey Who just Do Stuff”, was released in March. This book is about a political activist and his adventures. He is desperate for change and his anger makes him resort to violence.


This novel is definitely about his characteristics in a protagonist in the novel. In real life, he has actually travelled to Iraq, Iran, and Cuba. He had chatted with political leaders and has tried to promote world peace and international democracy.


International democracy is an agreement of the people to vote on a civil justified system to create world peace. Interestingly enough, he has interviewed Mexican drug lord El Chapo.


This novel was Penn’s way of venting his disagreements about Trump being president since he is a billionaire. Nobody expected Penn to write a novel discussing many issues involving politics or women. He is for the women movement to preventing rape, slut-shaming, and the suffrage to child’s play. In his novel he likes to talk about the rights of women in the workplace and keeping them safe from sexual harassment.


It is hard to get people to report the kind of stuff that objectifies women. It is actually a really sad thing because they need to be respected and taught the right professional way of the working women. He wants to say that women are empowered and should be treated right because they do bare children and have just enough brain power as do men.


Penn loves the writing life and wants to write more. He has no idea why he had not written anything sooner. Penn tells people about his views on politics, whether that is wrong or right for people. However, he has set his mind on his opinions to the public. If you are into the clunky and esoteric literacy style, then Penn’s novel is just for you. It is out on the shelves now for many of you to read.



Who is William Saito?

In 2007 a technology consulting company by the name of Intecur was founded by a Japanese-American businessman. William Saito is the name of Intecur’s founder and he is also responsible for the creation of a business which Microsoft purchased in 2005. William Saito founded Intecur after moving to Japan from his birth-state of California in the United States.

Work History

For the majority of his life, William Saito worked for himself. While he was in junior high school, William Saito began his first company, a company that he continued to build until he was nearly finished with his university studies. After selling the business to Microsoft, he created Intecur and began to work as a venture capitalist for numerous Japanese start-ups. In 2011, Saito began to participate in government service work. Six years later, in 2017, William Saito resigned from his government position for personal reasons.


Personal and Business Skills

William Saito began learning how to program commercial software by the age of 10. As he was enrolled in the University of California, Riverside, William Saito incorporated his computer security business as I/O Software. I/O Software produced a variety of technologies while under the ownership of William Saito, but one of their most notable technologies was a fingerprint recognition system which would later be utilized by Sony.


William Saito has experience as a venture capitalist and was involved in the funding of multiple Japanese start-ups. Saito not only provided financial backing for the companies that he believed in, but also provided advice and encouragement to promote the growth of these companies. Saito’s venture capitalist skills were supplementary to his technology consulting business, Intecur, which he also began after moving to Japan.


William Saito’s governmental work began around the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. During this time William Saito was appointed to a committee dedicated to investigating the disaster and its causes. Following his work with the National Diet committee, William Saito began to work as a cybersecurity advisor for the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. His work as a top-advisor for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe then led to a variety of other roles within the government. In 2017, William Saito resigned from several prominent positions.



How Does Bob Reina Continue To Impact Video Marketing?

If you were to tell Bob Reina, the founder, and CEO of Talk Fusion, ten years ago that he would become one of the leaders within the video marketing industry, he probably would have just nodded and agreed. Bob Reina is one of the most driven CEOs in the marketing field and it comes from the fact that he had to fight to get to where he is today. A former police officer as well as a former network marketer, Reina went through lean years until he was able to take control of his schedule and become the business owner that he had always dreamed of. How did he do it? That’s the question that everyone wants to ask and that Reina is all too happy to answer.


Reina’s career in video marketing came about by accident. While touring a home, Reina decided that he had wanted to share a video of the property with his family. At the time there were no email clients that would allow users to embed videos directly into the body of the content. Reina immediately saw the opportunity here for a product and he called up his longtime friend and business partner, Dr. Jonathan Chen. The two would put their heads together and come up with Video Email, an application that took the middle-man out of sending video to your friends and family. After the product was complete, both men saw how influential it could be for business owners that would want to reach out to their customers with direct marketing.


After Video Email was created, Talk Fusion was only a step behind. The company hit the ground running and soon Reina was able to reach out and start hiring Talk Fusion Associates to help move the marketing suite to new customers. Since then, Reina has continued to innovate by coming out with new and interesting products. CTO Ryan Page is, of course, along for the ride but it is Reina’s endless enthusiasm that has helped the company to keep its edge even after video marketing has become commonplace due to the prevalence of the internet. Learn more: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3051273/bio

Madison Street Capital: Standing Out As A Leader In Investment Management

Madison Street Capital has time and again demonstrated that they are the company to depend on when it comes to financial needs and services of large corporates. The company, based in Chicago has a wide range of services that it offers to clients coming to them from around the globe. A lot of the work that Madison Street Capital has done has been with the intent of helping the overall growth of the corporates who come to them. The company has been working towards the development of the various clients that they have, aiding them in every facet of their financial growth. Because of the work that the company has done, Madison Street Capital has earned an impressive reputation for themselves of being a company that cares about the clients and the people who come to them.



Maison Street Capital has been having a brilliant few years because of the work that they have been doing. In 2017, the company received numerous awards from prestigious organizations that awarded people within the financial field. One of the reasons why the company has been seeing a brilliant year was because of the work that they had done with a company known as WLR Automotive. The company had come to Madison Street Capital to help them with a few financing deals that they had in place. The deals were considered to be successful, and Madison Street Capital become more and more popular because of it. One of the awards that they received because of this deal was the Debt Financing Deal of the Year Award, which was given to them by M&A Advisors. The award is considered to be incredibly prestigious, and being the recipient of this award was indeed a big deal for the company and the work that they were doing.



Through its years of service, Madison Street Capital has always tried to stand out as a notable name in the industry through the approach that they have to financial advisory. To them, the people that are working in the company have to have a significant amount of expertise and also need to be well equipped to deal with the clients who come to them. The company ensures that its advisors meet the high industry standards to always provide the very best to the clients who come to them.



Through the years, Madison Street Capital has transitioned into a company that can perform on an international level. The company has its central office in the United States but also has branches in Ghana and India. Through this, they provide their superior range of services to clients all over the world, helping them grow and take their businesses to the next level.



Read https://www.pr.com/press-release/736511 to learn more.


Conor Lamb Endorsed By End Citizens United

The fight to eliminate corruption from American politics continues. In 2010 the Supreme Court made a controversial ruling on the court case Citizens United versus the Federal election commission. As a result of this decision, corporations were ruled as being entitled to the same rights as individuals. This is allowed an influx of donations that are untraceable from individuals and corporations who have deep pockets. This is being referred to as big money in politics. Tiffany Muller at her grassroots political action committee End Citizens United are fighting to change things in the United States of America. Since its inception

End Citizens United has managed to generate nearly $50 million in fully accountable and traceable political contributions that have been submitted to the Federal elections commission for auditing. This is part of an ongoing effort to maintain complete transparency and to achieve total Reformation of political campaign finance laws.

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Just recently End Citizens United has made an endorsement of potential senatorial candidate Conor Lamb. Conor Lamb is running for a position in the 18th District of Pennsylvania as a Democrat. End Citizens United pledged $250,000 worth of advertising in order to support this candidate. The money will be used in order to purchase air time for television ads as well as digital video ads that are going to inform the public about the mismanagement of funds that has occurred under their current representative Republican Rick Saccone. Rick Saccone first ran for election on a platform that promised not to accept donations from political action committees however immediately upon receiving his political position he spent $435,000 on personal expenses. This was deemed as a frivolous use of taxpayer money as taxpayers have been adding to his expense account since 2010. This is just one example of what has been called the Big money 20. The big money 20 is a group of 20 political power in Congress that are recipients of political contributions from large corporations and billionaires.

End Citizens United has taken a pledge to promote campaign-finance reform and as such is working towards and overturning of Supreme Court decision from 2010. As part of this effort End Citizens United has dedicated itself to the support of Conor Lamb. Tiffany Muller, the current executive director of End Citizens United, has stated that they aim to inform the public that Conor Lamb has a strong record of integrity in comparison to Rick Saccone’s history of exploitation. As of now, Conor Lamb is need of a significant amount of support from outside groups. The Republican candidate is outspending the Democratic candidate by a margin of 17 to 1. The district that Conor Lamb is attempting to overtake is one of the most contested districts in all of America.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Will No Longer Lead Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the current president of Bradesco, sat down to share details of the many changes to the Board of Directors scheduled over the next few weeks. Brazil, Latin America’s largest economy is also home of Bradesco one of the largest financial services companies, who just recently acquired HSBC has announced changes in leadership on the horizon. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, will be ending his 15 year presidency of the Bradesco. There was heavy anticipation as to the details of the vacancies left by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

Luiz graduated in University of Sao Paolo with degree of psychology. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi started working as a bank clerk in 1969, in Marilia. Marilia is the same city Bradesco was founded in 1943. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi worked his way up the ladder of success and by 1984, he was in Sao Paulo as the Director of Marketing. As the Director of Marketing, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi encourage a more open and transparent culture to improve public relations. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would be President of Bradesco’s private pension division from 1992 to 1998. The following year Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would be appointed Executive Vice President of Bradesco, which will be filled now by Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme as part of the changes coming forth.

The appointment of Octavio de Lazari Junior was meet with disapproval from some of the fellow executives, however Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has revealed Bradesco is behind Octavio de Lazari Junior 100%. Octavio de Lazari Junior began his career back in 1978, when he became an Agency Manager. Octavio de Lazari Junior would move on to be named the Director of the credit division at Bradesco. Octavio de Lazari Junior lead the credit division in switching focus to small and medium size companies. Getting promoted to Department Directors of Loans and Financing in 2010, Octavio de Lazari Junior would be appointed Board of Director Officers in 2012. Now Octavio de Lazari Junior is the Executive Officer Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Seguros Group. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi said Octavio de Lazari Junior will be officially appointed to the presidency at the AGO (Ordinary General Assembly) meeting scheduled for March 12th 2018.

Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme has been named to be the new Vice President of the council, with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi now to leave the position he held since his appointment in 1999 according to Estadao.com.br.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi continued to discuss the retirement of Lazaro Brandao. Lazaro Brandao has been with Bradesco for 75 years, and orchestrated many of Bradesco’s successful endeavors over the years. Lazaro Brandao retirement will leave an unfillable void in the council and he will truly be missed. Lazaro Brandao, did share his opinion on the problems plaguing the economic situation in Brazil. Lazaro Brandao blames the lack of political unity is the cause of many issues with the economy. Lazaro Brandao went on to detail the solution to improve the situation in Brazil is to implement a plan for labor reform. Lazaro Brandao acknowledges labor reform is a difficult, but necessary.

Check more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5306443/bradesco-anuncia-octavio-lazari-no-lugar-de-luiz-carlos-trabuco

Betsy DeVos – Article Recap

Betsy DeVos, the education of secretary for the United States, is a force to be reckoned with. Ms. DeVos is known as a driven, persistent and effective political fighter in her home state of Michigan. Having little experience with politics, Ms. DeVos had a rough entry into Washington. She lacked confidence in her Senate confirmation hearing, where she seemed to be completely uneducated on basic education terms, let alone department policies and growth assessment. She was made a mockery of in late night comedy regarding her weak answers and her suggestion that some school officials should carry guns because of grizzly bears. However, her gallant effort to publicly shake off the humiliation.


While she is fairly new to the political game, Ms. DeVos has been an advocate for Charter Schools and School Vouchers into private school for years. She has spent decades acting as a Republican donor, with her born into fortune of billions, to fulfill her vision to improve public education by creating competition and school choice. However, the use of school vouchers allows public funding to be taken from public schooling and funneled into private, and often religious education. That means public funds are given to private groups. Detroit, Michigan has the largest concentration of charter schools because of Ms. DeVos’ efforts. However, these schools are low-performing, and the supply exceeds the demand. Detroit public schools are still among the worst schools in America.


There is definitely a bright spotlight on Ms. DeVos currently. With her millions in philanthropy to support a failing cause, her lack of prior experience in the political game, and her weak answers at the start of career in Washington there is much speculation on her success under the Trump administration. However, critics and admirers believe that she will catch up to speed in no time.


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Robert Johnson’s Tragedy and How It Can Be Prevented By Securus Technologies

How many articles can you read today that show you some of the threats and dangers that cell phones pose to society? There’s probably not that many, as most of the articles you read are trying to sell cell phones and the companies paying for their bills are phone-production companies. However, one story that would stand out in the search for the threats of cell phones in facilities is the story from NBC 6 South Florida of Robert Johnson, the officer at the Lee Correctional Institution.


The Tragedy of Contraband


The tragic story about his life-threatening event had been told for over seven years already, but the horror of it still haunts Robert Johnson. It all started when he was working in the facility and confiscated some contraband. That package turned out to be worth about $50,000, and the confiscation undoubtedly caused a lot of distress and even grudge to those who owned it.


Weeks later, when he was at home getting ready for work, an intruder went inside his house and tried to assault him. When the intruder was trying to go head for Robert’s wife and kids, he distracted him and got him to attack him instead. This led to the intruder to shoot Robert in the chest several times. The next thing he knew, he was already in the hospital, coping with the damage, and talking to his doctor, who was trying his best to save his life. It was revealed that the shoot to kill order against Robert Johnson was made inside the prison with a cellphone.


Wireless Containment Solutions


Right now, Robert Johnson is okay, and the man who shot him, a former inmate, was now caught and put to justice. However, Robert Johnson is still dealing with the blow. He goes to the doctor regularly for follow up stitches and to make sure that his scars don’t escalate. He now works for Securus Technologies, and he’s implementing what is now called the Wireless Containment Solutions, which is a service from Securus that, according to Business Wire, disconnects calls that come from or go to the prison cells. I think this is such a useful tool to prevent the tragedy that Robert Johnson experienced. I believe this is a great achievement for Securus. I hope there’s more like in the pipeline.


Securus’ Wireless Containment Solutions


It’s evident and proven that Securus is right now a leading provider of various criminal justice tools that help investigate and weed out the wrongs of the set-up in prison systems. With its Wireless Containment Solutions, Securus is able to stop about 1.7 million illegal calls made across the eight U.S. Correctional. All of these calls could potentially harm the inmates and the officers, and it’s good to know that Securus has spent millions of dollars on innovating a solution.


Clayton Hutson and the role of technology in the live music industry

Clayton Hutson believes live music is much more than just music played on a venture. It must be a sensorial experience. Live music has to give chills and unforgettable moments. The music industry is filled with pioneering technologic advancements so you need to be constantly actualized in order to be successful and not to become obsolete. The live music experience must go beyond just a gigantic screen playing some videos and images behind the performing artist. This is amazing but is plain. It’s not a stimulating experience; it does not capture the essence of what a live show must be. You need to be creative to surprise you audience without relying on simply showing images in a high-definition surface. He says he enjoys and admires artists like P!Ink (who worked with Clay on her I’m Not Dead Tour) and Lady Gaga because they “incorporate a lot of acrobatics, and aerial stunts, into their routines”. The artist’s performance is not just music, it involves a particular form: the way the artist shows his art, how they express the feeling they’re trying to transmit to the spectators with their music. Learn more: http://www.digico.biz/docs/latest_news/EkFlpVAlpkPbdvCaIx.shtml


Technology must be a helping hand of this rounded way of perceiving artistic performance. Not the easy shock that’s alike the easy scare of a horror film, but a perdurable image on the minds of the audience. That’s why one of his favorite brands on the industry is DiGiCo. While working on Aaron Lewis on his debut solo tour, he wanted a console small enough to be comfortable to travel with while on tour, and not be at the sake of local production companies who had fairly suboptimal gear. This would allow him to be as faithful as possible to the sounds played by Lewis’ music. To be able to deliver a complete and deep experience to his audience. The DiGiCo SD11 allowed him to make justice to the instruments played by the former Staind frontman, especially his classic Gibson acoustic guitars so they may sound as pristine and clean as they could. This is just a small example of Hutson’s philosophy: technology must be always at the service of the show; not as a quick shock, but as a way to provide a more pure performance and to give the audience a profound and haunting experience.