Bob Reina Article Featured on MarTech Advisor for Second Time

Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, was awarded the opportunity to provide a published, guest article on MarTech Advisor’s homepage for the second time. Furthermore, this additional honor came within a year’s time. This time around, Reina discussed the prominent video techniques and styles of the previous year and how they will impact the marketing realm in 2017. This article topic was requested and is featured on the front page of MarTech Advisor which, according to Forbes, is among the top ten publications read “by Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) in their social network“. Reina stated that he is glad to share his expertise with readers in order to show why video should become the centerpiece of everyone’s marketing strategies for the future.


MarTech Advisor has chosen Bob Reina as a published guest post two times within a year for his growing expertise within the realm of video marketing. Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, a global company focused primarily on video marketing. His experience and vast knowledge poised Reina as a prime option to grace the cover of MarTech’s magazine. Before investing in entrepreneurial ventures, Reina started out at a local police academy at the University of South Florida. Reina worked several jobs during his schooling but managed to graduate first in his class. However, Reina’s time at the academy would be short lived as business ventures called his name.


Eventually, Reina’s entrepreneurial spirit lead him into the realm of direct selling. This passion, coupled with an ingenious idea, lead to the development of Talk Fusion. Upon realizing the difficulty of sending a short video via AOL email, Reina developed the idea to incorporate his direct selling strategies with a method for sharing videos through email. As a result, Talk Fusion was born. After discussing the idea with his IT friend, the two were able to bring the idea to life and lead Reina into the world of video marketing. Currently, Talk Fusion is one of the industry’s leading companies. As is exhibited from his article feature, Reina’s expertise are much sought after in the video marketing world. Learn more:


How Adam Milstein Shines in His Philanthropic Works

Adam Milstein is the chairman of the board of Israel American Council and the co-founder of the Milstein’s Family Foundation. Adam is a graduate of the Technion University where he pursued a degree in business economics. Adam hails from Israel and received an MBA from University of Southern California back in 1981.While in his studies, Adam Milstein assisted his father in the family’s real estate construction and development where he got the experiences and skills needed in running the business. After marrying his wife Gila, the couple moved to the United States. Adam started venturing in real estate business while in California, working as the sales agent for commercial properties, He is the current managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a private real estate firm

Adam Milstein has been a prominent philanthropist all his life. He co-founded Milstein family foundation which provides charitable services to the state of Israel and the Jews both in the Israel and the United States. The Foundation supports programs and organizations which ensure Jewish continuity and education. Adam always gives both financial aid and guidance to organizations that target the growth of the society and all its phases from childhood to adulthood. In his philanthropic, Adam Milsteinco-founded Sifriyat Pijama, an organization which supplies free books to Jews in the United States. The association aims at teaching more than 15,000 families on the right values, and that is the reason the books are in Hebrew.

Adam Milstein has been able to co-found, lead and chair many foundations and associations to see the society grow and succeed. He co-founded Sifriyat Pijama and the Israel-American Council where he is the Chairman ensuring national development. Some of other organizations which Adam Milstein chairs include StandWithUs, Jewish Founders Network, Hasbara Fellowship and AISH Los Angeles. Gila, his wife, has also been helpful in the founding and the running of the family foundation to ensure that the state of Israel and the Jews are ever secure and stable.